Portrait by Lynn Stone
JenBur’s Priceless Pinta
October 8, 2007 to June 27, 2009
Twenty-one months ago JenBur’s Priceless Pinta came into this world via c-section while I held her mother’s head.  I let out an expletive when the surgi-tech said “Oh, it’s all white!”  Pinta’s endearing personality soon won my heart and my husband’s so much that we couldn’t let her go.  She has kept us laughing at her playful antics and amazing us at her ability to get edibles down from wherever they were put out of reach!
Pinta kept Great Grandma Lucy company while Mom Kayla went on the road as a Special.  She even helped Lucy train for her Rally Advanced Excellent title by doing the course with Amy when Lucy did the Honor station.  Pinta had so much fun that we competed at Nationals with very little training and earned 2 legs in Rally Novice with a 1st and 2nd Place.
Seven weeks later Pinta lay in my arms on the couch as I hugged her and stroked her neck and ears.  Burt sat next to us messaging her back, while Brian stood over petting her.  The last sound she heard was my voice telling her what a sweet girl she is, how much I love her, and that Grandma Shana is waiting for her at the Bridge.  Sweet, impish, vivacious, beautiful Pinta, to whom passersby stopped to say “You are adorable”, is without the pain and pressure from the beastly tumor growing in her brain. 
Pinta’s life was cut short.  The fun we shared, the love shown, the laughs that were continual will have to suffice.  She warmed our hearts with adoring eyes and for that our lives were blessed. 
Goodbye, Pinta, my sweet love.

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