CH JenBur's Crown Of Laurels CGC
Kayla’s beauty struck a chord in my heart at her birth.  She gave us amazing joy in five and one half wonderful years.  Kayla was our first Champion, attained at 16 months old; first Best of Breed winner; first Top Twenty Boxer, ranked #20 in 2008 and #13 in 2009; and our first to compete at Westminster.  What a thrill that was with 4 articles about her in the Chicago papers, a full page article in the Wilmette Life, announced on CBS evening news “Good luck to Kayla, a boxer from Wilmette competing at Westminster Kennel Club” and a phone interview live from The Garden on WGN talk radio.  Her accomplishments went far beyond our dreams.

More importantly, Kayla was part of our family.  She was my friend and companion, Lucy’s buddy, Starzy’s playmate and our dearly missed Shana’s daughter.  We snuggled on the couch and curled up in bed together, took long walks, played games and laughed together. She was our playful tease. Watching Kayla frolick on the beach with Lucy and Starzy:  symmetry in motion.  We loved seeing Kayla in the ring.  I was always in awe of her elegance and beauty.  Kayla was my heart and soul.  And oh, could she lick my face! 

Our life together was cut short.  We had so much yet to do:  more playing, showing in Veterans, earning titles in Rally, more hugs to give, more kisses...oh I want more Kayla kisses. We are lucky to have all the fabulous, incredible, memories of CH JenBur’s Crown Of Laurels, our delightful Kayla.  I opened her sac, I cut her cord yet I couldn’t revive her.  Tried so hard to bring Kaykay back and save her 6 precious puppies about to be born.  I am so sorry I was in the kitchen and not in the room with her.  If I had been, Kayla might still be by my side. 

Tears for Kayla still fill my eyes and my heart still aches, but we are so blessed and thankful that she enriched our life.  Kayla will always be my beautiful brown eyed girl.

Jennifer Crane and JenBur Boxers

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